Physical Review

In today’s world, companies face an array of concerns in managing their compliance and safety programs:

  • Does my screening vendor meet DOT requirements for physical exam management?
  • Does an employee/applicant require a Federal Waiver to maintain DOT compliance?
  • Have a potentially  disqualifying  diagnosis or health concern?
  • Have a potentially disqualifying medication?
  • Have the physical/mental ability to meet the job requirements?

The professionals at PMCR can help you navigate these issues effectively.
PMCR services available for employers include:

  • Physical Exam Review- audit for errors and omissions
  • Review medical history for conditions that may conflict with the applicant/employee’s ability to perform the job functions.  PMCR medical personnel can request medical information that supports the employee’s ability to safely perform job functions.  PMCR then reports physical restrictions and/or limitations to the employer.
  • Review that all information on DOT physical meets DOT regulations
  • Assist employees in getting medical information to verify meeting DOT regulations or job requirements
  • Assist employee in applying for a Federal Waiver
  • Assist employee in getting a Skilled Performance Evaluation for DOT
  • Assist employer and/or employee with any physical examination issue by working with the examiner.
  • Medical hold Exams-Employees/applicants who have been placed on a Medical hold by the Medical Examiner or PMCR due to past or present health or medical findings from their physical examination may provide medical information from their treating health care provider for the medical examiner and PMCR review.  PMCR will follow these cases to completion.
  • Medical Consulting and Return to Work (RTW).  PMCR medical personnel will consult with the employee, their treating health care provider and the medical examiner to obtain a clear understanding of any health related issues.  PMCR then presents to the employer information as it pertains to return to work capabilities or restrictions.  In keeping with HIPAA regulations, specific medical information will be kept confidential and will not be provided to the employer.  PMCR follows all HIPAA requirements and guidelines.

Talk with us about your questions, we will be happy to speak with you to determine how we may help you.

PMCR's Mission Statement:
"Priority Medical Consulting & Review is driven by the vision, passion and dedication of its employees who are committed to developing and delivering innovative products and services with superior customer service. PMCR aim's to provide comprehensive medical consulting and review services by focusing on providing personal and specialized services to meet each client's specific needs."

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In today’s world, companies face an array of concerns in managing their compliance and safety programs...


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